phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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Would you like to know who called you?

This is how tellows works

We've all had to deal with the same thing. How do you spent your spare time? Do you enjoy it relaxed and undisturbed? No? You say the rings of unsolicited calls hammer perpetually against your ear drums and you wonder: You is calling? Thousands of people suffer the same fate. Hence, wants to contribute a tool to fight spam and scam calls. The fraudulant entrepreneurs behind the nuisance calls are experts on exploiting the people's weak spots, namely: the people's very own ignorance. Therefore, tellows is intent on providing a free online platform for those who suffer spam and scam calls in order to enable the distribution knowledge on dubios phone numbers and the experience on dealing with the treacherous numbers.

Recently added comments

  1. Fred reported unknown with the number 0840001392 as Aggressive advertising

    Claims to be from Nedbank - but not verified.

    0840001392 (Cell C) - View details and comments - 2
  2. fucketoll reported unknown with the number 0110834900 as Harassment calls

    scumral violation processing centre.

    0110834900 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 1
  3. Prince reported unknown with the number 0113996999 as Telemarketer

    Even though I forgot the name of the lady who phoned me but she said she was calling from Hollard and I just told her I'm busy and she phoned later I gave the phone to my daughter, guys let's not agree to be victims of these scammers warn other people.

    0113996999 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 5
  4. jack reported tv license with the number 0113940523 as Harassment calls

    It is the tv licensed department bother for the last 2 month's with other peoples accounds. It has nothing to do woth me.

    0113940523 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 1
  5. Peedoff reported unknown with the number 0114479340 as Harassment calls

    Please STOP calling me!!!!!

    0114479340 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 3

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

The distribution of information on scam and spam methods is vital to oppose the leaching of people's purses. To achieve this goal tellows is aggregating a vast bulk of useful information on the caller, including his or her approximate location. The key indicator of a number's trustworthiness is the tellows score which is generated through a complex algorithm fed by your comments and ratings of the respective phone numbers. Hence, the success of this anti-fraud endeavour goes hand in glove with the community's participation. If you have experience on the matter, share it and warn your fellows before the scammers drain their pocket dry.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. Annoyed!! reported 011995000 with the number 0119950000 as Unknown

    I keep receiving calls from this number, but when I pick up the calles hangs up. I have received 8 calles in the last 4 hours!!:-(

    0119950000 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 27
  2. I hate marketing calls! reported Liberty with the number 0115580000 as Telemarketer

    Liberty, stop calling people from this number to sell your products!

    0115580000 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 7
  3. Nicole reported not social networking but sick of these kind of co with the number 0311013009 as Unknown

    REALLY maybe these guys should just pay for what they agreed to (as per recorded agreements) because these guys agree and then DO NOT PAY in the given time to qualify for the discounted rate they now want to complain !!! REALLY do you know how much it costs to collect money from debtors !!! they complain when you tell them to do a pre-deposit then they take the option to take a call on credit then they dont pay then they get handed over and THEN THEY ARE STUNNED AND UPSET ABOUT IT WHEN THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR THE LEGAL FEES INCURRED REALLY ... you want to play the game but not pay and sites like these keep on allowing for them to play the victim what about the girls that work really hard and try to provide the best service possible but never get paid for it because the client stalls for as long as possible and they have to wait to get paid. THEY ALSO HAVE LIVING EXPENSES why do you think they do this !!!!!!!!!!!!

    0311013009 (Durban) - View details and comments - 7
  4. Peedoff reported unknown with the number 0114479340 as Harassment calls

    Please STOP calling me!!!!!

    0114479340 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 3
  5. Gwakie reported Boucheron with the number 0100100960 as Telemarketer

    Boucheron wines sales.

    0100100960 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 2