phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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Would you like to know who called you?

This is how tellows works

We've all had to deal with the same thing. How do you spent your spare time? Do you enjoy it relaxed and undisturbed? No? You say the rings of unsolicited calls hammer perpetually against your ear drums and you wonder: You is calling? Thousands of people suffer the same fate. Hence, wants to contribute a tool to fight spam and scam calls. The fraudulant entrepreneurs behind the nuisance calls are experts on exploiting the people's weak spots, namely: the people's very own ignorance. Therefore, tellows is intent on providing a free online platform for those who suffer spam and scam calls in order to enable the distribution knowledge on dubios phone numbers and the experience on dealing with the treacherous numbers.

Recently added comments

  1. Rolly Pineda reported unknown with the number 00966112187777 as Harassment calls

    Some one is calling constantly and very disturbing, when i answered my phone only automatic voice will answered

    00966112187777 (الرياض, الخرج) - View details and comments - 4
  2. SJ123 reported 087 285 9300 with the number 0112537238 as Harassment calls

    Debt collection agency - receive voice automated message that only leaves a voice mail saying I owe money. This debt collection company is being used by Identity Clothing company and telephone number changes.
    Numbers used to contact me:
    087 285 9298
    087 285 9300
    087 285 9301
    087 285 9302 - only numbers at end changes. My cell no. has been incorrectly liked to a Zenzile Rekhoto who owes these people money....not me.

    0112537238 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 8
  3. Petri reported unknown with the number 0114479340 as Harassment calls

    It just dont FUCKING STOP !!!!!!

    0114479340 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 60
  4. sydtoon reported Business name e.g. Interflora etc with the number 01189420909 as Unknown

    Silent call from Johannesburg - South Africa.

    01189420909 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 1
  5. Jose Almeida reported unknown with the number 0110850720 as Telemarketer

    Got a call from this number. Because someone walked into my office, I put the call on hold. After 18 minutes, I retrieved the call and for a moment thought I was in a shebeen!My word!

    You want to take out insurance with this crowd?????

    0110850720 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 1

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

The distribution of information on scam and spam methods is vital to oppose the leaching of people's purses. To achieve this goal tellows is aggregating a vast bulk of useful information on the caller, including his or her approximate location. The key indicator of a number's trustworthiness is the tellows score which is generated through a complex algorithm fed by your comments and ratings of the respective phone numbers. Hence, the success of this anti-fraud endeavour goes hand in glove with the community's participation. If you have experience on the matter, share it and warn your fellows before the scammers drain their pocket dry.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. MONIQUE reported ayanda with the number 0110530199 as Telemarketer

    Hi applied for a loan through Bayport was unsuccessful don't know how this company United got hold of my details they called and I give my banking details and they said I can cancel how ever the email address I was give is invalid it just bounces back. please assist I don not want any debit orders

    0110530199 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 41
  2. Warren reported [Silent] with the number 0108221699 as Unknown

    It seems that these guys have found a way to be less ethical than forceful telemarketers.

    They call you and hang up when you pick up. You call the number back out of curtesy. They make it look like you approached their company.

    These guys must be held to account.

    0108221699 (Johannesburg) - View details and comments - 5
  3. felly reported unknown with the number 0126655750 as Unknown

    Fnb Should just come up with a solution to this bcoz I cant have debit orders that I don't know where they come from who they at e,How could the allow fraudulent on their client accounts that means we not save with them

    0126655750 (Pretoria, Brits) - View details and comments - 13
  4. Mirriam reported Stratton with the number 0318368375 as Unknown

    Your MBS247 R126,69 debit will run on 01 Nov 2017 sold to you by Stratton 0318368375 ref STRATONVH080091707460880171101. Respond to SMS for help.
    Mxaa guy ive also recieved dis sms from de devil.

    0318368375 (Durban) - View details and comments - 7
  5. Andy reported Hilton with the number 0644151617 as Harassment calls

    Dont send any emails to anyone .Hilton might use the information to against you ,he will find out your name and phone you to scare you with his so called fk lawyer story .He doesnt have a lawyer .Any information ,please make a statement at police station . Remember ,Conman Hilton is a serious stalker .

    0644151617 () - View details and comments - 7