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Types of call: Unknown(23) Aggressive advertising(5) Harassment calls(4) Cost trap(3) trustworthy number(3) Debt collection company(2) Telemarketer(2)
Name / Company: UNITED CALL CENTRE SOLUTIONS (2) unknown(7) Roy & Boby Mwaseli FROM UNITED SOLUTIONS(LIFESTYLE(2) Unknown(2) United Financial Group(1) Cell(1) Loan company(1) united financial group(1) Not provided(1) 0110446500 & 0110530199(1) chantal(1) Chantal(1) United loans(1) The number appeared(1) none(1) 0110446500(1) United financial group(1) i dont know(1) united call center(1) Neotel(1) Self(1) Keenon(1) United Loan Solutions(1) Thulisile(1) Lucky Khobeka(1) Loan United(1) I didnt get his name(1) United call center(1) Neotel Loans(1) unkown(1) United call centre solutions(1) United(1) Dnt know(1) more...
Number of ratings: 76 (deleted: 3)
Search requests: 14490
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 0110446500

Telephone number: 011-0446500
Owner and address: Details
City : Johannesburg - South Africa

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Ratings for 0110446500 (42 total, ordered by date)

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  1. Bernace reported number 0110446500 as United Financial Group

    They called to verify my details they already picked up from somewhere.
    called to say I qualify for the loan.
    Now they have my banking details.
    what concerned me was that after verifying my details the call got faint and cut off. I tried calling that number back they and was told the number does not exist.
    i immediately called FNB Fraud Unit they assured me that the only thing they can do is debit my account but I will be able to reverse the debit from my account.

    Michelle replied 2017-11-02 08:53:22
    Same happened to me now.
    Capitec told me to close my account because they can order a non-reversable debit order.
    Neels replied 2017-11-03 11:58:47
    Ok they also call me, the number they calling from 011-0446500 is unknown.
    The call centre number is 087 330 2308
    They confirm, dont know if this is legit or not.
    Zee replied 2017-11-06 07:56:10
    Did they ever call you back for the loan they offered because they also called me and asked for my details..but i gave the wrong bank account number.
    Cookie replied 2017-11-10 11:56:29
    Hi the very same thing happened to me just now. I hope they don't debit my bank account.
    Khwezi replied 2017-11-13 14:26:35
    They called me this morning as I was going into a meeting I thought It was another company I gave them my details and then they hung up on me.Nothing is more iiritating then working hard for your money and struggling everyday and people think they can just scam you. I have my own financial problems and every cent I earn is accounted for.
    Melanie replied 2018-02-15 15:22:00
    The exact same happend to me just now.. did they debit your account??
    andries replied 2018-03-16 10:03:29
    how do we stop them guys?
  2. Annon reported number 0110446500 as unknown

    I recieved a phone call from this number as they say I qualify for a loan...I am blacklisted and cannot get any type of finance however this lady did not give me a chance to even speak all she wanted to know is if she can debit my account on the 31st of the month...even after my response was no as I did not agree to take this loan.

    Thembi replied 2018-02-05 13:59:40
    Please help they have my business account!!!!
    Lee replied 2018-02-26 12:38:31
    I finally get the of legaleye
    (011) 232 9477 their email address : [email protected] for cancelling the contract
  3. Annoyed reported UNITED CALL CENTRE SOLUTIONS with the number 0110446500 as Aggressive advertising

    Since yesterday morning i have had over 20 calls from them. Same story. I started blocking their numbers but the last 4 digits if their nunberkeeps changing. This is beyond frustrating now. When asked who are they looking for... Call drops. When asked to be removed from their database... Call drops. When asked to speak to a manager.. call drops. They start at 6:30am and keep calling up until 7:30pm. How do I stop them?

  4. Albert reported Roy & Boby Mwaseli FROM UNITED SOLUTIONS(LIFESTYLE with the number 0110446500 as Harassment calls

    My Vodacom contract is up for renewal and ever since these fuckers have been calling me non stop. 4 different numbers today even at 8pm.

  5. Bulelwa gwadana reported United with the number 0110446500 as Debt collection company

    They told that I apolyid for a loan which I didn't and ordered me rewards if I shop anywhere in south Africa they said they will give me a voucher to shop at shoprite o checkers which I didn't recieve till today

  6. Brandy reported United call centre solutions with the number 0110446500 as Harassment calls

    They called and said I qualify for a phone contracted, stupid me gave them my i.d number and bank account. Guys how do I fix this?

  7. unknown reported number 0110446500 as unkown

    You are stealing from the poor people,God will punish you.Dont give your ID no and your banking datails this thi phone no please guyz ba utswa ditshelete tsa rona.

    Thulile replied 2018-06-05 12:02:10
    I have already given them how do i stop them from accessing my account
  8. Anna reported unknown with the number 0110446500 as Harassment calls

    Just called me to offer me a loan, when I told them that I just saw the comments on Tellows, they hung up.

  9. Lindi reported number 0110446500 with score 9

    Just received a call and they told me that I have a reward from Edgars and asked me to confirm my ID no. I told them that Edgars has all my details and never have I been asked to confirm anything telephonically. I also told them that this is a scam and the lady just hung up on me.

  10. Anton reported number 0110446500 as Neotel Loans

    They phoned me claiming that I have policy with them and that they need to update my banking details. I asked her if she has my current details, E.g. bank, id. She said No, and that she needed to update my banking details so that they can telephonically let me agree to the debit order. She has none of my details except my phone number, by giving them banking details they would take my money every month. These people are scammers, and are dependant on people not being sure about policies that they have, then just giving them your info would allow them to debit your account every month for some holdings company offering no services at all. Funny enough, they always say the name of the company so fast that you can't make out what they are saying, and if you ask them again from where they are. The attitude changes immediately. I use true caller, they are now block from phoning me.

    Dimpho replied 2018-05-05 10:21:01
    They calling me that I might win a R10 000 competitions with mySA competitions I entered on instagram! What's wierd is that they called me a thousand times wanting my ID number and bank account!
  11. Debbie reported number 0110446500 as United call center

    Comment: I'd like to apologise to everyone who got scammed because you've all been scammed.Whats hurtful is that the call center agents are just doing what they are told to do...this company should be reported because they do have offices, In Randburg to be exact, so take action people and warn others, because no one wants to be taken for a ride especially when it concerns their hard earned money, so, its up to you...

  12. zamazangwa reported number 0110446500 as I didnt get his name

    They call me different times for cellc cellphone deal I decline then they call to offer me a loan the number is 0110530199

  13. Lulu reported Loan United with the number 0110446500 as Aggressive advertising

    Got a call from this number just now and the lady was very aggressive, she asked if I wanted a loan or not and the worse part is that the phone belongs to my 13 year old. When I asked where did she get the number, she just hanged up.

  14. Dorothy reported number 0110446500 as Lucky Khobeka

    Comment:I used to work at unitedsolutions they tell you to promise people loan and at the end of the day you they don't even receive a cent. They deduct people's money in the name of loan, I am so heart broken and I really like to apologize to these people I scammed I really didn't know and as soon as I found out I quit my job. It's really not fair to use us to scam. We are the worse victims cause at the end of day you don't even get paid. Please people don't give anyone your details,not even your Id or bank account, at Unitedsolutions they write down a script to Read to those who are desperate for money then steal from them.

  15. Aubrey reported Thulisile with the number 0110446500 as Aggressive advertising

    I received a call from Thulisile working for united call centre solutions offering me a loan but to my surprise she insist getting my banking details and claiming to have my name and ID NUMBER, then i told her to call me in 10 minutes and i explained to her that i am checking her credentials , that's when i found this comments and she did call back where i told her to GO TO HELL as she a scammer then she drop the phone. PLEASE BE VIGILANT ALL THE TIME

  16. Dominique reported number 0110446500 as United Loan Solutions

    I recently applied for a loan and my number got sent everywhere. I got a phone call from this number with 500 at the end & they asked for my banking details. The lady's English was so bad or she was very nervous. The call got cut (couldn't hear anything) and she called again then let me speak to some guy afterwards. They also offered me a package a 3 in 1 and everything seems too dodgy. Well, if they take money from my account I will just reverse it, if I can't get it to be reversed I'll just block them.

    Advice to everyone!

    If people call you on your cell, put them on speaker while you are talking to them and go on the internet & search the company name and details to see if they're legit. Confront them & asked questions like where are you based, ask for other contavt numbers, ask if they have other branches and ask for the address etc.Put them on hold and call those numbers. Stay alert!!

  17. Mpho reported number 0110446500 as Keenon

    I received a call from the numbers as well 0110446500 about 30 minutes ago, I gave my details to them as they sounded promising but after checking the numbers online I saw all these negative comments, I am so worried that they are gonna debit my account, is there anyone that knows how much they take and how do we stop these crooks?

  18. thandi reported number 0110446500 as united call center

    The is lady by nelisiwe ngwenya who offer me a phone she says on behalf of Cellc she demand my I'd and bank account she says I qualified even now still waiting for my phone and thy already took my R270 in my account

  19. claudette snyman reported number 0110446500 as unknown

    this number keep calling me and I was too busy at work to worry but after all these comments I will not answer..

  20. Cad reported number 0110446500 as unknown

    Telephone: 087 330 2308
    Address: 104 Bordeux Drive, 2nd Floor, Rand Hill Building, Randburg

    I found this address and no linked to this company. I too am still waiting for their call.

    Bongani replied 2018-03-26 19:33:38
    I received the call too is it a scam
  21. Jacqueline reported Self with the number 0110446500 as Cost trap

    They debited my account twice. I do not have a loan from them. The r on leave until after xmas.

  22. Norma reported Neotel with the number 0110446500 as Cost trap

    The lady called me this morning about my loan application. Asking about my bank details. She has got my ID no and bank account no. Offered me 2 in 1 package costing R258 of which i can cancel when ever I want. I gave her my bank details, I am worried now they gonna clean my bank account. Pls assist how to block them.

  23. Belinda reported number 0110446500 as United loans

    I also received a call from this number and he promised me that a person from the loan dept will call me to confirm approval of loan but prior to that i had to accept their rewards and then only can they go ahead.
    Up until now no one has called me and i tried calling the numbers it says number does not exist. They got my banking details as well and will start debiting my account for the rewards they offer. Bloody rogues

    Linda replied 2018-02-23 16:06:03
    I was defrauded today by this company.alsi tried to call back sounded luke 3 people working feom a taxi rankpassing echnother the phone. When i said i am not interrested they hang up.
    I closed my bank account.
    Petronella replied 2018-03-15 12:55:30
    They have my details too .never heard if im approved or what.what do i do now.
  24. vuyisile reported number 0110446500 as i dont know

    She phone me promise me with a loan she have my details

  25. Jose Almeida reported Loan company with the number 0110446500 as Aggressive advertising

    S C A M ! ! ! ! ! !

  26. motale reported united financial group with the number 0110446500 as trustworthy number

    this number called me yesterday and the said i qualify for cellc contract phone. i gave them my bank details because they have all my details including ID. where does this people get my personal details. some employees are busy gambling with their career by feeding their fraud schemes with our info

  27. Light reported Not provided with the number 0110446500 as Telemarketer

    This number keeps calling me everyday,I ended up rejecting it. They say i applied for a loan and they want to verify my details. I refused many times to give my details but suprisingly they have my ID number. I asked them to remove me from their database but they said it is impossible, they will keep calling until i take a loan with them.

  28. Kele reported number 0110446500 as unknown

    0110446500 they called me several time last week confirming my details they were correct and they asked for banking details I told them to call on friday,yep they did call and didn't answer purposely left it to a miss call tried to call back but the number does not exit OK then,the lady called back then I asked her why they contact don't exit when i tried to call back she just puts me on hold then hung up till today they never called back so i searched for Neotel loans course on my phone the number appears as neotel loans Johannesburg,but only to find out that at neotel company they don't offer loans.

    boitumelo replied 2018-01-05 07:21:35
    please help me to cancel
  29. SUSAN reported number 0110446500 as 0110446500 & 0110530199


  30. Neil reported number 0110446500 as Harassment calls

    Same as all the above. Got a call to follow up on my loan application - which I never did. Number is not answered on a call back. STAY AWAY!! THIS IS A SCAM!!

  31. Kungaye reported Cell with the number 0110446500 as Telemarketer

    Comment:they ask for my bank acc i ddnt give them nw they keep on calling several times a day

    sam mhlongo replied 2018-03-26 12:26:08
    I have just received 2 calls today the 26th March about loan application, he asked for my details but I just dropped the call when he asked for my bank account because I was feeling unconfortable. the guy did not sound convincing.
  32. Thuli reported number 0110446500 as Roy & Boby Mwaseli FROM UNITED SOLUTIONS(LIFESTYLE

    I also received a call from this number and immediately when I phoned them back the number does not exist. I am scared now because they gave me 2&1 offer which I dont know how it works and they ASKED FOR MY ACCOUNT NUMBER told me that I can cancel anytime and now I am scared they will debit my account and I AM NO LONGER INTERESTED AS THE COMPANY SOUNDED DODGEY I ALSO COMPLAINED ABOUT THE BACKGROUND.

    jonne replied 2017-11-30 20:44:25
    Comment:did they debit
    Ruth replied 2017-12-12 13:56:55
    So did they deduct from your account,

    please send me ur tel no.
    Anthea Pardesi replied 2018-01-05 13:56:10
    i feel they are a dodgy company and all the people that calls they just sining a tune and noone wants to email anything to proof they are real
  33. Shirley reported number 0110446500 as unknown

    I recieved a call if i am interested in phone contract with CEll C and yes giving my banking details. There go a deductions off but not receiving any phones from them. I even said what type of phone i want. I will go to the bank to reverse these payments and stop any deductions from them. This number does not exist when trying to call.

    Engeline replied 2018-10-01 12:04:43
    same here ,l received a call and l was told they got my details from VODACOM SO THY NEED TO CONFIRM THE DELIVERY ADDRESS ONLY ,TO MY SURPRISE THREE DEBIT ORDERS OF R45 went off and R95 .But l did not receive anything from them.

  34. SIBONGILE reported number 0110446500 as UNITED CALL CENTRE SOLUTIONS


    Lazaros Shylock replied 2018-03-22 13:55:18
    I also receive a call from this number, saying a qualify for a contract phone. I gave then my banking details and ID no. May please assist.
    kutlwano replied 2018-09-11 14:40:42
    same thing happened a few minutes ago please assist us i gave away my banking details how do i stop it..?
  35. Sfiso reported Chantal with the number 0110446500 as Debt collection company

    This people really sucks big tym all they care about is ur account number and has anyone been scammed by this people

  36. Chantal reported chantal with the number 0110446500 as Aggressive advertising

    Im so worried as i was called by this number i can get a loan they asked me to verify my details they got all my details what do i do know ? Please help me

  37. Anonymous reported number 0110446500 as unknown

    0110446500 is fake. They said they could help with loan, but want me to pay first. United Financial Group is a company in the United States. Will take the cellphone number I have to the police.

  38. Claude reported The number appeared with the number 0110446500 as trustworthy number

    I got a phone call from this number telling me that they can help to get a loan. but i asked if they can help me with a foreign document, and replied that only a RSA ID holder can be helped.

  39. josh reported none with the number 0110446500 as Cost trap

    I gave this people my bank details by mistake thinking I will apply for a contract fone.

    Candice replied 2017-07-24 16:45:19
    I also experienced the same thing..but i wanted to know if they did any debts on your accounts??
    Noma replied 2017-08-07 15:19:12
    I did the same how did you manage to stop them please help?
    JARED MILROY replied 2017-08-08 13:11:56
    Marlene replied 2017-08-15 14:06:50
    I done also the same thing and give bank details, please can someone help is this United Financial group cmpy is true or not
    Prudence replied 2017-08-22 07:59:13
    The same happed to me on the 14th july,they already has my Id no and said they are in connection with Cell c since i have contract with Cell c. I have them my banking details and they havent called since.
    Gerda replied 2017-08-22 13:45:30
    I did exacly the same I called my bank and they said that I must just keep a close eye on my bankstatement and then just go into the bank to reverse the amount that they took the only way they will be able to take something is with a debit order.
    Ben replied 2017-08-24 10:30:37
    They also told me about a phone contract so now when i call them the number does not exist..
    boitumelo replied 2018-01-05 07:18:23
    same thing please help
    Unknown replied 2018-01-23 14:48:26
    Just reverse the debit order
  40. Carika reported 0110446500 with the number 0110446500 as trustworthy number



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