Legal advice

Step 2: legal advice

Are you afraid that you might have been scammed by a suspicious caller? It is now best to contact a solicitor and ask for further instructions. You can consult a lawyer by using the JustAnswer question
Google search is also a good way to find consumer protection lawyers and all information about harassment calls, just type “lawyer” and your city name into google and find appropriate results.


The Legal Situation
It is also really useful to know about the current legal situation in South Africa regarding consumer protection rights.
There are certain laws that are effective in this case, the most important being the Consumer Protection Aft as well as the National Credit Act.
The first step after getting betrayed is to file a complaint to the company or service provider effected. If they are not reacting appropriately, you can ask for help at your Provincial Consumer Affairs Offices, which will inform and protect you as good as possible. Read more

In addition, some consumer organisations dedicated there work to helping consumers. E.g. the National Consumer Commission warns consumers and declares prohibitions.
File a complaint to the NCC.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) regulates South African telecommunications. It is able to develop regulations to protect consumers.
File a complaint to the ICASA.

In a lot of cases, if all organisations have detailed and relevant information on the suspects in order to take legal action against the scammers. Always inform yourself about your possibilities in order to achieve justice. You should write down the name, phone number and date of all calls you receive, which are unsolicited and should be pursued.

Google search is a good way to find consumer protection lawyer and all information about harassment calls.

Alternatively just type „lawyer“ and your city name into google.