Get a new phone number

Step 4: Get a new phone number

This is probably the worst case scenario: Despite all the other measurements you already took, you are still being harassed by phone spam and unsolicited calls. Although it will be a little uncomfortable, getting a new phone number is certainly the fastest way to have a working solution. Of course sharing your new number will be quite bothersome, but this will end all the annoying calls.


Do you receive nuisance calls on a regular basis? Think about changing your number. In most cases it appears to be impossible to get your number out of the call centres database once it got in there.
But try to see the good thing in it: you could save money here! When deciding for a new number you should check all the options you have. There are a lot of tariffs and offers out there, most of them of course sound as a great deal. Don’t let yourself be blinded by nice advertisement, look at the facts:

  • What do I need?
  • What do they offer?
  • What is written in the small print?

It is advised to check out different respective websites or magazines in order to find the best solution for you!
Once you have a new number there are as well some hints to be taken as advice:

  • Do not give your number to strangers, just to friends and family
  • Do not participate in lotteries or any sales promotions, if you do, do not give them your phone number
  • Do not use your phone number on the internet if it is evitable

If you try to keep the number for yourself and your friends, you will hopefully experience a new and more quiet live without annoying nuisance calls!